Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

It is surprising how some people detail what they want to happen at their funeral when they die. They can also be surprised when they find out how much they have risen in cost over the year, and particularly when compared what their savings earn in a Bank or Building Society account.

The two main reasons why people consider a funeral plan are cost planning and the peace of mind that they get the service they want.


Why you should store your Will safely

Having taken the decision to make your Will, it is wise to think where to store it.  Most people think it is good enough to store it in the home, either in a safe or in a box with other important documents. Other people think that because the Will Writer produced he can create another copy that is valid.

A Will is a legal document and if it is lost or destroyed in a fire then you will no longer have a valid Will.

The following story gives another scenario that could happen.


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