Estate Administration

When you lose a loved one this is probably the most distressing time of your life. The deceased assets need to be determined, debts determined and the estate valued. You are expected to deal with paperwork and the administration of their estate at a time when you may still be grieving.

A lot of people believe that with a Will that you can just sell any property and distribute the estate. Some may have heard about Probate but have no idea about if it is required or how it works.

If no Will exists we can assist in applying for Letters of Administration to enable the estate to be administered.

We can assist and explain in plain English what Probate is and assist you in applying for the Grant of Probate. A grant of probate is required in order to sell any property and to administer the estate.

Our Services Include


Interpreting & explaining the Will and advising the steps required to allow the estate to be administered


Advising of actions that need to be completed initially (e.g. ensure adequate house insurance, inform banks, etc.)


Valuing the estate


Inheritance tax evaluation (if any) and completion of HM Revenue & Customs forms


Applying for the grant of probate or Letters of Administration if no valid Will (intestacy)


Gathering in the assets of the estate


Preparing estate accounts for approval by the executors


Distribution of the estate to the correct people

Our specialists are here to assist you in any or all aspects of Estate Administration in order to make the experience as painless and stress free as possible.

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