Frequently Asked Questions
Do you do home visits?

Yes. All our appointments are in the comfort of your own home, at a time to suit you

What are your charges?
Please telephone for a quote
Can an executor be a beneficiary of a Will?
Yes they can. It is a common misconception that executors cannot be beneficiaries.
Can a beneficiary witness a Will?
No! If a beneficiary or a beneficiaries husband or wife witnesses a Will, then the gift to that witness will not be valid.
I am worried about one of my children blowing all his inheritance, is there anything I can do to prevent this?
Yes! We can leave his share into a discretionary trust with your trustees controlling when and how he receives it.
How much will a Bank charge to act as your executor?
If you appoint a bank as executor of your Will then they tend to charge up to 5% of the total value of the estate regardless of the complexity of the estate administration.
Are home made Wills valid?
Yes. However many home made wills cause problems by being completed incorrectly. If you don’t list all your assets you can end up with a partially intestate estate. We would always advise a professionally drawn up Will.
Do you have to sell your house if you go into care?
‘Not always. In certain circumstances your house will be exempt from the local authority financial assessment or sometimes the local authority will claim their charges back at a later date.
Do you need a Lasting Power of attorney if all your assets are joint assets?
Yes. Whilst in practice the everyday management of your affairs could continue without a Lasting Power of Attorney in place, if assets are jointly held, it is always advisable to put them in place as soon as possible as they will be essential when there is only one member of a couple left and assistance with either financial matters or health matters is needed.